We can all do better. We can always do better for our planet. 

Every year we re-evaluate how we can make our clothing line more sustainable and implement new strategies to make more earth-friendly clothing. Some ways we are sustainable:

We are a City of Philadelphia Zero Waste Silver Partner. The fashion industry has created a huge waste problem and we want to be part of the solution. We have implemented Zero Waste Actions in our business practices and divert more than 70% of our waste from the landfill. We do this by designing products like the Zero Waste Necktie & Zero Waste Splatter Tee and by donating our fabric scraps to organizations and brands that repurpose them.

We divert our waste by utilizing Retrievr's services. PHILLY FRIENDS, you can now recycle your clothing with Retrievr too! Sign up for their services here, use referral code lobo-mau, and you'll get a code for 10% off your next LOBO MAU purchase. 

We are very happy to be recognized for this work and can’t wait to continue working in a way that’s better for the planet. This Zero Waste Vest pictured below was knitted using our scraps and saved over 400 yards of fabric from landfills.

We use Recycled Fabrics made by textile mills in the USA. Like we said, the fashion industry is incredibly wasteful and one way to reduce this waste is by using fabrics that already exist! Using recycled fabrics is beneficial for the planet because it keeps fabrics that are not designed to decompose out of landfills. It also reduces energy and water consumption because virgin fibers are not being manufactured.  

We reduce textile waste by using deadstock fabrics whenever we can. Thousands of yards of fabric are either incinerated or thrown away by major fashion companies regularly. We source from jobbers who collect those fabrics and sell them to us. We enjoy designing garments that utilize these deadstock fabrics and give them a new life out of landfills. 


We also use 90% Organic Cotton made in the USA. Cotton is one of the most widely-used materials in the apparel industry but it is also one of the most resource-intensive and carbon-emitting fabrics. Organic cotton is manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals so it's much better for the planet and the health of farmers as well! You can read more about this here.

We hand screen-print our fabrics in-house at our studio and use organic inks during our printing process. Using water-based inks is better for the planet because when we rinse our screens we aren't releasing harmful chemicals and microplastics into the water. 

We produce clothing in a way that is not only better for the planet, but better for the people involved as well. We work with local family-owned mills and our garments are sewn locally, in safe factories, by people who are paid fairly for their work. We want to bring you the best and do so without compromising the well-being of anyone else.

We make SLOW fashion, meaning we produce small amounts and a lot of our pieces are made to order. Because of this, we don't have excess stock and all garments are created with a purpose. We test our products to ensure that they last because the most sustainable clothing is the clothing you already own! We want our garments to be an investment for you and the planet. They are long-lasting with minimal impact on the environment. Thank you for being a conscious consumer and for taking the time to learn about our sustainable initiatives!

Check out our Flagship Store that is filled with sustainable designers making a difference. From boots made of apple leather, to bags made from recycled airbags and leather, to upcycled jewelry and clothing, we search for the best of the best to bring you the most planet-friendly work from the best designers we know.


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