Hello! My name is Nicole Haddad and I am the designer and creator of Lobo Mau. Thank you for visiting! I consider this website an extension of my real studio in Philadelphia; a place where I can develop a personal relationship with clients outside of the Philadelphia area. If you like what you see, please feel free to email me with any questions: lobomaudesigns@gmail.com

What is Lobo Mau?

Lobo Mau, meaning Big, Bad Wolf in Portuguese, is about clothing that empowers women. Wearing clothing that fits beautifully, looks bold and chic, and is also ethically made gives us all a sense of pride. At the end of the day, I am just a woman in her studio making clothing that I hope other women will love.

Who makes Lobo Mau’s clothing?

Every morning I head to my studio in South Philadelphia at the Bok Building. I meet my seamstress who has been sewing her entire life,  and my patternmaker who has worked for all the big names during her 30 year career. We work all day on orders and also on developing new pieces. Sometimes I work with a factory in Allentown, Pa, but most of my clothing is made in my studio. I strive to source my fabric locally or in the USA.  In addition, our fabric is designed and printed in Philadelphia by fine artist Ryan Parker.

Who is the Lobo Mau customer?

The Lobo Mau customer is so broad. For years it was so confusing to me that my clothing appealed to women in their 20s all the way to women in their 70s! I have come to understand that my customer is all ages and all types of women. As long as they have a good sense of style, they are my customer. It’s very exciting.

Where is Lobo Mau sold?

For years I tried the route of wholesaling my product. I attended trade shows all over the country, had sales reps in every territory, and was primed to sell my product in 30+ stores. But I was unhappy and stressed and did not feel a connection to my customer. I missed the one-on-one interaction with my clients. I decided to scale it back to Philadelphia, and in January 2016 I opened a Pop-up boutique, MAARK Concept at 1540 South Street with three other designer friends. In the year that MAARK was open, my business began to grow very quickly.  In January of 2017, I began the construction of my dream studio. We built a 50-foot screen printing table and a beautiful atelier for our customers to come and shop.  Now we are working on growing the business on a local level and engaging in our community.

What if I like something but I don’t know if it will fit me?

I am glad to personally assist you in helping you find something for your body type. A lot of my clients send me their photo and tell me their height. If I have this information, I can usually suggest the perfect fit. I have many satisfied customers and nothing makes me happier than that.