• Organic Cotton

    We also use 90% Organic Cotton made in the USA. Cotton is one of the most widely-used materials in the apparel industry but it is also one of the most resource-intensive and carbon-emitting fabrics. Organic cotton is manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals so it's much better for the planet and the health of farmers as well!

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  • Deadstock Fabrics

    We reduce textile waste by using deadstock fabrics whenever we can. Thousands of yards of fabric are either incinerated or thrown away by major fashion companies regularly. We source from jobbers who collect those fabrics and sell them to us. We enjoy designing garments that utilize these deadstock fabrics and give them a new life out of landfills. 

  • Recycled Fabrics

    We use Recycled Fabrics made by textile mills in the USA. The fashion industry is incredibly wasteful and one way to reduce this waste is by using fabrics that already exist! Using recycled fabrics is beneficial for the planet because it keeps fabrics that are not designed to decompose out of landfills. It also reduces energy and water consumption because virgin fibers are not being manufactured. 

  • Spandex

    We are not perfect and feel it is very important to be transparent. While spandex has helped us to produce garments to better accommodate all body types, we aim to phase it out eventually. Our pledge to our customers (and our planet!) is we will always strive to better ourselves within our means. Each year we allocate time and funds into research and development, and local buy-in from our community plays a big part in helping us get there! By the end of 2025, we strive to not produce fabrics with any spandex.

PA Fibershed Member

Pennsylvania Fibershed is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting and empowering the fiber and textile communities in Pennsylvania. Their mission is to build a more sustainable, equitable and circular future for textiles and the environment through educational programming and industry development.

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