We define zero-waste as: "Making use of all materials in the design and development process to lessen our impact and create products we feel good about."

At Lobo Mau, zero waste fashion isn't just a concept; it's a guiding principle that shapes every aspect of our design process. We believe that fashion should not contribute to the growing environmental crisis but should instead be a catalyst for positive change.

Our Practices


In 2020 we were named a Zero-Waste Silver Partner with the city of Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability, meaning on average we divert 70% of our waste from landfills. While this office A large portion of the waste we offset comes from our production: we ask our local factories to save all scraps so that we may find a better place for them. In-house, we sort these scraps - larger pieces can be used to make Zero Waste Tee Shirts, handbags, and made-to-order pieces, while smaller pieces are put aside for shredding or donation to responsible collectors. Some more specialized projects include our Zero Waste Hand-Knitted Vest (pictured below), which saved ~400 yards of jersey fabric scraps from landfill, or a machine-tufted rug which used about ~350 yards of chain-stitched jersey scrap.


In 2021, we partnered with The University of Delaware’s Research and Discovery Lab (spearheaded by design researcher, Kelly Cobb) to shred our leftover textiles. This shredded pre-consumer waste is called shoddy, which we use to stuff our Zero Waste Pillows.


In 2022, we expanded into other areas of design. To jumpstart our expansion, we made a zero-waste furniture capsule with local reupholster artist Jen Tiberi. Furniture pieces were donated or purchased second-hand and reupholstered in organic cotton and Pennsylvania hemp fabrics. Accent pillows were then made with deadstock fabrics and zippers from our neighbors at FABSCRAP, and stuffed with shredded Lobo Mau pre-consumer textile.

Retrievr Philly

We also divert our fabric waste by donating to places that responsibly handle waste like Retrievr. You can learn more about Retrievr here. PHILLY FRIENDS, you can now recycle your clothing with Retrievr too! Click the button and use referral code Lobo-Mau, and you'll get a code for 10% off your next LOBO MAU purchase.

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