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Lobo Mau

Lobo Mau Flagship Commemorative Tee

Lobo Mau Flagship Commemorative Tee

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For 4.5 years we've taken great pride in our little corner shop. We built every aspect of our store with love, updating the windows with our designs and beautiful products from our favorite local, ethical, and like-minded designers and creating a space where everyone would feel welcome. From celebrating new launches to sustainability talks to parties with our community, this space was the slow fashion hub we always dreamed it would be. We want to be remembered for the beauty we brought to the corner of 6th and Bainbridge in Philadelphia.

This commemorative tee was designed for our customers to remember the great times that were shared in our shop. The front of the tee showcases our iconic wolf logo sign and splatter print exterior and the back lists all of the incredible designers that we have stocked in the shop over the years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting, shopping, and visiting us there.

This tee is made from BCI cotton (The Better Cotton Initiative, click here to learn more), and printed with organic ink.

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