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Lobo Mau

Square Baby

Square Baby

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Truly a zero-waste pillow! Delightfully huggable and stylish, perfect on a bed or couch! Made using the most luxurious, hand-woven, deadstock Thai silk from a local luxury pillow business. To put our "Lobo Mau" spin on this very rare fabric, we hand-painted concentric stripes on each pillow and quilted each front using deadstock batting to give them a "puffy" feel. The pillow case can be opened through a back zipper sourced from a closing fashion business. The pillow insert is made with leftover fabric from making PPE masks and stuffed with our shredded fabric scraps from our cutting room floor, aka shoddy! Our fabric scraps are processed for us in partnership with the University of Delaware using a special shredding machine.

Because of the dense nature of this pillow, we cannot ship it for a reasonable price. All pillows are available for PICK UP ONLY at 700 S. 6th Street or our BOK studio (Suite 501). 100% Silk. Dry clean only. 

18" x 18" x 8"

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